"Chicanos need to acknowledge the political and artistic contributions of their queer. People, listen to what your joterĂ­a is saying" - Gloria AnzaldĂșa


Bienvenidos a tod@s to the internet home for Vincent Cervantes, a queer Chicano speaker, writer, blogger, and social activist. Since 2006, Vincent has traveled throughout North America to share his own personal story and to present, teach, and train others on many topics relating to religion, theology, race, gender, and sexuality.

Vincent has been a national voice, speaking out on issues that affect the LGBTQ community and wider social justice issues. His story as an ex-gay survivor has been shared through Details Magazine, The Tyra Banks Show, and other various media outlets. Vincent has authored and contributed to several publications and has presented conference papers that highlight religious discourse surrounding the "ex-gay" movement. He recently completed an autobiographical memoir that is expected to be released next year.

A full biography is available, just follow the link. Curriculum vitae is also available by request, just follow the information on the "Contact" page. Read full bio.